What SIP & VOIP are:

Since SIP and VoIP are newer technologies, there is a lot of confusion in the market around them. SIP and VoIP mean very different things to different people – both customers and providers.

SIP and VoIP are protocols – they are nothing more than a language that allows voice calls to be transmitted as data packets and they are slowly replacing TDM as the primary language spoken by voice traffic.

SIP and VoIP can offer you the following advantages. But beware – some of these can be quickly negated by costs of additional equipment and support:

  • Free long distance between sites and significantly reduced long distance rates on all calls to outside of the enterprise
  • Ability to pull trunks across the enterprise (ie: pay per number of concurrent calls across all sites rather than a fixed number of trunks at each site)
  • Additional features that used to be cost-prohibitive in the TDM world for mid-size companies such as remote DID’s

How Paradigm Technology Group Can Help:

After helping hundreds of clients identify whether SIP and VoIP really do have a meaningful application in their business, we can help you address things like:

  • How to take advantage of SIP without upgrading your existing phone system
  • How to take advantage of SIP without changing carriers
  • How to build a fair ROI on VoIP using hosted, premise-based, and trunking solutions
  • Limitations of various SIP vendors
  • Analysis of things that can go wrong when implementing SIP and how to prepare for them

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