In today’s digital landscape, you need network connectivity you can count on. Optimal, agile performance across the network and the cloud is critical — and it must come on a global scale with a new level of security.

Our Managed SD-WAN solutions give you exactly that. With the only pure-play software-defined network with industry-leading performance and globally consistent SLAs, our Managed SD-WAN solutions deliver reliability that’s vital to your business success.

Get instant visibility into the cloud applications your employees are using but your IT department knows nothing about. Some of our SD-WAN service includes a Shadow IT Discovery solution that automatically scans and identifies cloud-based SaaS applications running on your network. 

Our SD-WAN delivers simple, secure, and scalable connectivity that improves application performance, reduces cost, and increases agility. A recent IDG survey indicated that for 81% of buyers, security was the top criteria in selecting SD-WAN services. With deep expertise in both software-defined networking and sophisticated threat detection and response, Our goal is to provide customers with integrated and bundled options for SD-WAN security.

SD-WAN bundles include options for:

  • Unified Threat Management (UTM): This built-in capability integrates a range of security features including web filtering, antivirus, data loss prevention and intrusion detection and prevention into a single platform.
  • Threat Monitoring and Response: Advanced protection includes 24/7 threat monitoring and real-time incident response for the entire SD-WAN deployment by certified security experts in global Security Operation Centers (SOCs).
  • Managed Security Services: Comprehensive managed detection and response services for cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments, including an advanced security tool suite with machine-learning behavioral analytics, embedded threat intelligence, and 24/7 security monitoring and incident response.

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