Today, businesses make local and long distance calls utilizing one of the following technologies:

  • Analog Lines
  • Integrated T1s
  • Voice T1s (PRI or DSS signaling)
  • SIP trunks
  • Dedicated Long Distance

How Paradigm Technology Group Can Help:

  • Deciding whether you need the services you have by analyzing utilization reports and industry benchmarks
  • Helping you get the best rates for local and long distance phone services. The cost of these services has been decreasing rapidly, so if you haven’t renegotiated your agreements in the past couple years, you are probably paying too much
  • Helping you select the right phone system (if you are in the market for one)

We find that telecom is very susceptible to hype. Right now this hype is VoIP and SIP – and many customers spend endless hours trying to make sense of what flavor of VoIP is applicable to their environment. We can help you sift through the hype and make the right decision.

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