What it Is:

Audio Conferencing is used by companies to connect multiple callers on a common conference bridge. Services range from the most simplistic self-managed calls with people calling in from three or more different locations for a meeting to complex solutions that allow thousands of people to connect for corporate kick-offs and similar events.

Web & Audio Conferencing offers companies the ability to add a visual component to phone calls with prospects, customers and colleagues. Many features are available from carriers including the ability to:

  • ‘Share’ screens and then step the audience through the presentation using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, live websites and any other application.
  • Switch presenters during the presentation, seamlessly allowing another person in another location to control the screen.
  • Record the audio and screen activity.
  • Email a link of the recorded session.
  • Download the recorded session.
  • Schedule Audio or Web Conferences for a later date.
  • Employ the tools for revenue-generating Webinars.
  • Webinar-centric tools such as promotion, branding and social media sharing.
  • Mute individual participants or all non-presenter participants.
  • Deliver and receive audio via the Web instead of a telephone line.
  • Create interactive polls on the fly.

If your company uses Audio and Web conferencing today, Paradigm Technology Group Can Help:

  • Reduce costs. Audio and web conferencing costs have come down tremendously over the past several years, so if your company has not audited its solution set recently, it is likely time do so.
  • Keep you informed about new features that can improve efficiencies and present your company in the best possible light.

If your company does not currently use Audio and Web conferencing today, let us help you consider the impact of giving some or all of the people in your organization the ability to connect multiple people together to conduct meetings, share documents and much more.

Paradigm Technology Group can provide you with a demonstration of how easy and inexpensive it is to use these Audio and Web Conferencing technologies to gain internal efficiencies and arm your sales team with new tools and easily-acquired skill sets. Contact us today!

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