MPLS / VPLS & Other Wide Area Network Services

Wide Area Networks (WAN) can be designed using these network topologies:

Point-to-point (P2P)

  • Connecting two points with a direct connection – over T1s, DS3s, fiber
  • Variety of products and solutions exist, with some of the better ones located in the fiber world.


  • Most common technology for connecting multiple sites today because of ease of management, full mesh designs and ability to provide QoS seamlessly
  • Mpls is an any to any network topology offered via various access means – T1, Ethernet, and fiber
  • There is some terminology confusion, as some carriers brand their MPLS solutions under a name that doesn’t specify MPLS (like IPVPN) but the functionality can be the same as MPLS
  • An important consideration with MPLS is deciding how each site will connect to the Internet – through a central location or directly. There are advantages and disadvantages to both methods and each carrier has unique capabilities and limitations.
  • Part of the great power of MPLS comes from the fact that, in contrast to conventional IP routing, routing analysis can be based on more than just the destination address carried in the IP header. At all the subsequent nodes within the network the MPLS label, and not the IP header, is used to make the forwarding decision for the packet. This reduces overhead and provides for an any-to-any, secure, reliable method of transport


  • Enterprise-wide connectivity is critical to ensure your employees, customers, and suppliers can communicate effectively. Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) allows users in multiple locations to communicate and collaborate over a fully meshed, private, secure network. Your business will benefit from a Layer 2 Ethernet service that is engineered to be as secure and reliable as legacy any-to-any networks like Frame Relay or ATM. Benefits for your business include:
  • Inherently secure networking environment over a dedicated MPLS core backbone
  • Enterprise-wide connectivity over a full-mesh Ethernet transport service provides seamless WAN-LAN convergence
  • End-to-end control of WAN switching, routing and protocol decisions
  • Global reach supports your international expansion plans with simple site adds

Nearly limitless solution possibilities with our purpose-built Ethernet services that provide flexible Class of Service (CoS) levels, and VLAN tagging.


  • Enables you to extend your LAN beyond the walls of your office
  • Metro Optical Ethernet  (MOE) is the most prominent solution
  • Layer 2 transport that allows customer to connect multiple sites via 10/100/1000 Mbps Local Area Network
  • Connectivity between locations is accomplished by provisioning a customer’s Ethernet virtual connections (EVC’s) through carrier’s network, SONET where applicable and fiber optic or copper transport facilities
  • Availability of Ethernet services is limited, which makes it a challenge to find a provider who can offer coverage at all sites. We can save you time by locating an optimal coverage carrier

Internet Based VPN’s

  • For the right applications, Internet VPN’s are a viable WAN connectivity method.  Usually this includes smaller sites with basic data needs.  Carrier flexibility and price are advantages while there are limitations when it comes to more advanced applications like VoIP and video.  We will work with you to analyze whether or not VPN’s make sense in your environment

How Paradigm Technology Group Can Help:

  • Help you select the right technology based on your needs and on what’s available in your building
  • Once technology selection is made, provide you with quotes on multiple carriers that are laid out in an easy-to-compare side-by-side format. Carriers know that we present multiple solutions so we have additional leverage to ask for best pricing and promos
  • Because we install numerous new connections per month for our customers, we can give you insight on what to expect post-sale.
  • Allow you to feel that you’ve fully shopped all options without needing to meet with multiple sales reps
  • This service doesn’t cost you anything because carriers pay us (like they pay their direct sales force)
  • There are many advantages to buying services through an agent. Call us and we’ll walk you through the many benefits if you haven’t worked with one before.

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